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Dead Projects wants to provide alternative viewing conditions and opportunities for emerging, minoritized artists in digital space through virtual exhibitions. Dead Projects prioritizes accessibility and adaptive modes of visual representation while sustaining both physical and intangible modes of creativity.


Nedda Baba

is a Toronto-based artist. Inspired by the tensions between subject and authority, her work is reflective of personal narratives and how they subvert the perceived objectivities of dominant discourses in the media, culture, gender, and queer spaces. Through playful gestures, she explores the possibilities of transformation that arise in these discourses by investigating memory and archive. Her practice vacillates between images, found objects, performances, and interactive installations. She has exhibited and performed in various spaces across the GTHA. Nedda is a graduate of the MFA program at York University, where she also completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2016.

Dema Talib

is a Toronto-based designer who studies the relationships between people, spaces and accessibility in physical and digital experiences. She is interested in the versatile and influential strength of design and how it relates to different dynamisms navigating throughout each spatial experience. Her work is driven by the investigation and critique of existing conditions in both physical and digital mediums and exploring the blurred line between both realms to reform these newly emerged spaces. Dema is a 2016 graduate of the Ryerson School of Interior Design and continues to grow her practice in design to cater to local communities.

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