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ahreum lee

Originally from Seoul, Ahreum Lee is a multidisciplinary artist based in Tiohtià:ke/Mooniyang/Montréal. Her work questions socio-political issues embedded in everyday technologies, such as Google Maps, Predictive Text Algorithms, and AI virtual assistant voices. She has exhibited in Montreal at centre Clark, Eastern Bloc, Perte de signal, Leonard and Bina Ellen Art Gallery, Arsenal Contemporain Montreal, as well as internationally at Canadian Culture Centre (Paris) and Platform Projects (Athens).  

hiba ali

hiba ali is a producer of moving images, sounds, garments and words. they reside in many time zones: chicago, toronto and eugene. born in karachi, pakistan, they belong to east african, south asian and arab diasporas. they are a practitioner and (re)learner of swahili, urdu, arabic and spanish languages. they work on two long term art and publication projects: the first being an art-based phd project that examines womyn of colour’s labour, and architecture of surveillance as it exists within the monopoly of amazon (corp.) and the second being a series of works that addresses music, cloth and ritual practices that connect east africa, south asia and the arabian peninsula in the swahili-indian ocean region.


they are an assistant professor at the college of design in the art & technology program at the university of oregon in eugene and they teach on decolonial, feminist, anti-racist frameworks in digital art pedagogies. currently, they are a phd candidate in cultural studies at queens university in kingston, ontario. their work has been presented in chicago, stockholm, vienna, berlin, toronto, new york, istanbul, são paulo, detroit, windsor, dubai, austin, vancouver, and portland. they have written for the following magazines: “c”, the seen, newcity chicago, art chicago, art dubai, the state, medium’s zora, rtv, and topical cream.

zidi zhu

Zi Di Zhu is a multidisciplinary artist and programmer whose work blends technology and art to create immersive and interactive experiences. With a focus on experimental puzzle games, procedural audiovisual generators, and interactive fictions. Zi Di explores the potential of technology to push creative boundaries and create unusual experiences.

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